Overview of Mobile Operating Systems

Operating systems are software infrastructure that enables the operation of hardware and applications and through the graphical interface allows the user to use the device.

Smartphones with their technical performance and capabilities such as GPRS, various sensors such as camera lenses, sound sensors, internet connection, size and mobility, etc. are becoming indispensable tools in everyday life.

Operating systems with the development of smartphones enable the user an increasing offer of various mobile applications.

Usually, every smartphone manufacturer has its own operating system that allows applications developed for a particular OS. So it is important to know when purchasing new smartphones and the characteristics of their operating system.

List of the most famous mobile operating systems: Android OS - Google Inc.Android, an open source mobile operating system, is developed by Google based on Linux platform. It includes operating system,user interface and application .

iOS - Apple Inc.,iOS is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. iOS and Apple's Mac OS X operating system, both belongs to the Unix-like operating system.

Originally this system is called iPhone OS, since iPad, iPhone, iPod touch are powered on iPhone OS.

Windows OS - Microsoft Corporation Windows Mobile OS is a kind of mobile operating systems developed by Microsoft for smartphones and Pocket PCs. It integrate the Xbox Live game, Xbox Music under Microsoft and exceptional video experience into the phone.

Large companies such as Huawei and Xaomi and others are developing their operating systems and supporting them, thus contributing to greater competition and greater choice for the user.


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